Is Instagram Down? User Complain Instagram Not Working Properly

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So today, Instagram goes down, and the user could not send a message and could not scroll down the status. however, some people reported that nothing was working on the app. However, some people shared that few things are working as few are not working. 

Instagram was down due to some technical issue, and almost everyone was facing the same problem in that app. However, the app was not working correctly; few people started to tweet on Twitter and make memes. 

When Was Instagram Down Today?

This proper started at 11:00 am, and many people face this problem and A lot of people log out and log in to the app, but nothing happens, but some of the users decided to remove the app and reinstall the app that also didn’t work. However, the problem has fixed very soon. But we all know everyone is on Twitter makes memes on Instagram down. 

Finally, the problem has been solved, and now everyone is using their Instagram apps quickly, but when it was down, many people started trolling Instagram for that. 

But it was just a technical issue that has solved, and now it has been fixed. We all are also aware of that. Technical errors can arrive at any time, but we should not panic on that condition because it will create a problem. 

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