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So hello guys, today I am going to talk about “Prologue Multiplayer Game.” And this game is developed by Brendan, and he was previously used to be the team of PUBG (Players Unknown Battle Ground). 

As we all know, Brendan already left Krafton, and now he is working on his Project. And comes with the new game prologue, and this game will also be coming in Multiplayer. However, Brendan didn’t disclose more about this, but we will share more things about this game. 

Prologue Multiplayer Game Explain

So most people think that this game will be just like PUBG, but it’s not. And this game will be different, and this gaming will come with unique characters, and it will have a high quality of graphics and be realistic, which you will be going to love once this game is released. 

Prologue Multiplayer Game For Mobile 

So if you think this game will be coming on mobile, then yes, this will be coming first in mobile, and then it will come on pc however, Brendan knows the mobile audience is very high in volume, and everyone uses mobile. So they will be releasing this first on Mobile and then on PC. 

Prologue Multiplayer Game For PC

The prologue game will be coming in PC as well; however, this will come pc after some time once it’s the launch for Mobile. It might be They were both versions released on the same date. Nothing is confirmed yet. But this game will be coming for both this is verified. On the PC, you will get this game in Full HD. 

Prologue Multiplayer Game Trailer

So below, you can check out a small trailer of this game, and this game will be coming very soon. And you will be going to love this game. Just check out the graphics of this game below. 

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