Tike Tike Barsha Hela Video Song Download | Sailendra

ଆପଣଙ୍କର ଡାଉନଲୋଡ ଫାଇଲ୍ ତଳେ ଉପଲବ୍ଧ ଅଛି । ତଳକୁ ଯାଇ ଡାଉନଲୋଡ କରନ୍ତୁ ।

Odianews 24 channel Presents Tike Tike Barsha Hela Video Song Download file in full HD quality is here.

This song sang by Humane Sagar and Aseema Panda. Lyrics are written by Tunu Pattnaik, Music Director by Bimugdha Das.

In this video, the role cast leads by Sailendra, Cookies, Arpita & Bunu. Producer by Rakesh Rosan Pradhan & Deepak Kumar Jena, DOP by Akshaya Kumar Nayak, Arrangement by Subhasish Kumar, and Editor & DI by Subrat Padhi.

Associate Director by Sarthak Mohanty, Rahul Ray, Nishikan. VFX by Samser Ali, Makeup by Shining Brush, Art Director by Nabaghana Dalai (Pandia), and Production Head by Nitesh Kumar Prusty.

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ଦୟାକରି 25 ସେକେଣ୍ଡ ଅପକ୍ଷା କରନ୍ତୁ । ଆପଣଙ୍କର ଡାଉନଲୋଡ ଫାଇଲ୍ ପ୍ରସ୍ତୁତ ହେଉଛି।

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